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Finally, I've gotten around to compiling all the files (almost 1,000 - about 20MB and lots of work doing it) from the original KeelyNet BBS into a form you can easily navigate and read using your browser, ideally Firefox but it does work with IE.

Most of these files are extremely targeted, interesting and informative, I had forgotten just how much but now you can have the complete organized, categorized set, not just sprinklings from around the web. They will keep you reading for weeks if not longer and give you clues and insights into many subjects and new ideas for investigation and research. It took me a lot longer than it should because I kept stopping to read and think about various files I'd forgotten about...amazing stuff!

As a matter of fact, several of them have led to products sold on the Internet by various people who read and built or experimented with the information until they had something useful. Much more remains to be harvested if you are so inclined.

KeelyNetThis would make a GREAT GIFT for science buffs or students that might just get them so interested that they take up a career in science and engineering!

I have received emails from people who used to visit the KeelyNet BBS when they were in their teens, now they are engineers or technicians and wanted to thank me for the files that got them interested in science. You can influence someone's life if that spark of imagination can be fanned into a flame.

KeelyNet is considered the grandfather of Alternative Science on the Internet because many of our BBS files were some of the first to be widely distributed. Now you can have the complete set in one place, ready to study and learn from.

My interest in John Keely has been solely in his research activities and how we could duplicate his experiments and demonstrations to produce similar phenomena. I did visit the site where his lab USED to be in Philadelphia and where he used to live, but nothing remains of the lab except a trashed lot. As time goes on, ever more information gets lost or destroyed.

KeelyNetWe know he wrote several treatises on various aspects of his acoustical research and none have been found except for one which was sent in anonymously by an engineer friend in Florida.

His wife was Anna, his name was John Ernst Worrell Keely and I believe they had at least one son. It would be interesting to track any relatives.

Unfortunately the history books took the Scientific American debunking as fact and John Keely has been portrayed historically as a fraud and a conman, those who have any inkling of physics who have studied what remains of his work, know these reports to be mostly erroneous.

For those who are too skeptical or brain dead to study the matter, I consider it their loss. We work to correct history by trying to rediscover how to produce the same phenomena Keely demonstrated, some of it copied using electric currents instead of acoustics, by the more famous Nikola Tesla.

It will change society and the world as we know it when we learn to duplicate Keelys' discoveries and put them into practical use. Some of the things John Keely accomplished;

1) A means of acoustically dissociating water, instantly exploding 3 drops to produce pressures up to 29,000 pounds per square inch.

2) a microscope believed to have used Ultraviolet light and which could project an image on a wall of an atom in motion, Keely used phase conjugation to slow, speed up or STOP the motion of these atoms, this to him was a research tool.

3) using images of Chladni (vibrating waveplates) tables to analyze the complex motions of single and multiple frequencies, much like our modern oscilloscopes except that rather than stretching a wave out over time, the waves project from one or more excitation points to emanate circular waves which collide and interact with other waves.

4) a means to use sound to reduce 'gravity' in a test mass, even to the point of cancellation.

5) a means to use sound to produce thrust to move an object, not simply sound but to entrain aether/zpe for propulsion.

6) several versions of acoustic engines that could be keyed to resonantly couple with some universal frequency to produce continuous very high torque rotation of a properly designed motor.

KeelyNet KeelyNet

7) an understanding of how music and interference can heal and correct conditions in the body including mental problems.

8) a means to acoustically disintegrate quartz mineral.

There are others, but these stand out as rediscoveries that could prove very useful to the world.

Needless to say, there are a great many detractors who take great pleasure in slamming KeelyNet (and John Keely) at every opportunity, that just goes with the territory. They fail to recognize many points including the fact that;

Keely reported disintegration of mass with standing waves (which is now a commercial process),

Keely reported producing light in water (what is now termed sonoluminescence),

Keely reported acoustic levitation (verified by NASA and others) though Keely went FAR BEYOND this brute force technique,

Keely reported geometries that could intensify sound pressures without adding additional energy (recently patented and in use by MacroSonics),

Keely reported cold in the presence of certain 'orders of vibration' (now patented as an acoustic refrigration and cooling system),

Keely reported that sound could be used to heal the body but went further saying the 'convolutions of the brain' were knotted or restricted, resulting in all manner of physical problems when the nerve energy was restricted, this is still unproven as modern medical researchers work on the EFFECT rather than the controller (CAUSE) of the brain, that will change as more people begin to experiment in this area.


KeelyNet is named in honor of 19th century acoustics researcher John Worrell Keely who lived in Philadelphia from 1872 til his death in 1898.

During that time, he was written up in the local newspapers and in various national magazines as well as funded by many wealthy philanthropists. Keely was often targeted by Scientific American and others who could never disprove or duplicate any of his demonstrations or experiments during his lifetime and after his death.

On his death, they pounced on his lab, claiming to find massive evidence of fraud in the form of hidden tubes and such in the walls and floor of his lab. Yet then, even to this day, no one has been able to duplicate any of Keely's public demonstrations under identical conditions using the forces many claimed were simply hydraulic or compressed air trickery.

It seems in orthodox science if you can't explain phenomena that doesn't fit accepted 'laws' or understand it, then it is much easier to launch ad hominem attacks and write it off as fraud. Now if they could duplicate his demonstrations using the compressed air or hydraulic fluids they claim were what Keely used, then it becomes probable that Keely cheated but that has yet to happen, even some 120 years later.

Keely basically took advantage of the natural properties of waves which, when rectified or conjugated take the form of PUSH, BALANCE and PULL. Using resonance and phase conjugation Keely demonstrated a wealth of phenomena which included;

* instantly exploding 3 drops of water to produce 29,000 PSI,

* disintegrating quartz crystal using acoustics (rediscovered as shock waves currently being used to reduce garbage to a fine powder,

* producing rotation by compound sound waves (patented in modern times by Panasonic as ultrasonic motors),

* tapping into what he calls 'ether flows' to run his engines,

* producing a glowing blue light in water using acoustics (now rediscovered as 'sonoluminescence'),

* a compound motor that ran from many frequencies (later ripped off by Tesla as his 'polyphase motor'),

* demonstrating a pneumatic cannon powered by release and instant expansion of a bizarre plasma vapor,

* an acoustic based flying machine that levitated and propelled itself in the presence of government witnesses and sundry other discoveries.

A totally fascinating description of Keely's Airship demonstration to the US Government might show you just one part of his discoveries;

"In 1896, Mr. Keely had so perfected his system that he arranged to give a demonstration of the aerial craft to the United States War Department. In attendance at the demonstration were a number of invited members of the press. Descriptions of the craft state that it was a circular platform roughly 6 feet in diameter.

KeelyNet On this platform was mounted a small stool set before a keyboard. The keyboard was attached to numerous tuned resonation plates and vibratory mechanisms. Mr. Keely explained that these plates would cause the craft to rise and float above the ground when subjected to a polarized field which would generate a "negative attraction".

When the effect was produced, the craft would come under the influence of the "etheric polar current." The controlling mechanism consisted of a row of 100 vibratory bars representing the enharmonic and diatonic scales. When half of the bars were damped the craft would move at 500 miles per hour. If all the bars were damped, gravity would resume control and the craft would settle to the earth.

There were no moving parts in the ship's propelling mechanism. It was unaffected by weather and could rise above any storm. The instrument for guiding the airship was distinctly different from the propelling feature. By damping out certain specific notes, Keely could cause the airship to accelerate to any desired speed.

The experiment was carried out in an open field with observers from the War Department and the news media. The ship was said to have accelerated from 0 to 500 miles per hour within a few seconds. Most astounding was the apparent total lack of acceleration effects to Mr. Keely as he sat on the stool before the keyboard, controlling the airship."

One of the purposes of KeelyNet is to not only collect orthodox and alternative science information but also to try to understand and duplicate not only Keely but other alternative researchers claims for the purpose of enhancing and enriching our lives through practical understanding and use of natural forces.

As always, the best thing is to read all you can on a subject and decide for yourself whether you wish to pursue it further. In the case of Keely, you will see there is much yet to be discovered, so here is your chance.


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