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Comments and my Experience

Hypnotism has always fascinated me. I grew up in a small town and every 2-4 years, a traveling hypnotist would show up and do a show. It was the usual bag of stunts, making people cluck like a chicken, or think they were hot, cold, naked, etc.. Not too interesting. However, one year a different hypnotist showed up. This one could put people into a trance much faster and apparently deeper than the hypnotist who came before.

Vanguard Sciences This new hypnotist also did the stiff muscle stunt where a young lady was put into a trance, told to remain stiff and supported between two chairs while two adults sat on her. It was a remarkable trick as I knew this girl and she wasn't very strong.

In my quest for knowledge, I'd gone through all the religious teachings I could and found nothing that made sense except parts of Huna from Hawaii. The local ministers and theologians had their own axes to grind and when I had my discussions with them I was appalled at how little they actually knew of the bible and worse, how selective they were in the application of its teachings to their flock.

So I got out of the church racket and began studying the occult, paranormal and pretty much anything weird, that included hypnotism, seances and the practice of magick on various levels. This isn't the place to go into any of that though I had some very bizarre experiences.

Vanguard Sciences When I was in my hypnotism studies, it was very difficult to find books on the subject and the ones I ordered through the mail were my only source of study. The idea that you could 'charm' animals like chickens, lobsters, frogs, snakes, turtles, horses, crocodiles and others to put them into a state of catalepsy was intriguing but what really caught my interest was how psychic abilities could be enhanced and amplified using hypnosis.

Vanguard Sciences Clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, astral projection, levitation, mind control and other phenomena that could be seemingly called at will when in the hypnotic or mesmerized state. These ebooks have many examples of such experiments which are definitely worth study.

Despite what the media would have you believe, you can make someone do something they would not normally do under hypnosis if you set the proper scenario, several methods and cases are detailed in these ebooks. One particular Manchurian Candidate-like case involved a DELAYED post-hypnotically carried out task.

Vanguard Sciences There is a book called 'Experimental Hypnosis' which describes a startling case of 'negative hallucination.' A hypnotist is invited as a guest at a party but of course, everyone pressures him to perform some stunts for their amusement. He selects a young lady there with her boyfriend. He places her into a trance and when she is under, he asks the boyfriend to leave the room and only return when he calls.

The boyfriend leaves and the hypnotized girl is given a post-hypnotic command that she will not be able to see her boyfriend but when the hypnotist snaps his fingers, she will suddenly be able to see her boyfriend.

The hypnotist brings her out of a trance and she resumes talking with others at the party. Of course, everyone is slyly watching her. The hypnotist asks that the boyfriend come back into the room. He enters but stands just inside the door with one hand behind his back. Everyone looks at the girl to see if she notices since the post-hypnotic command would have made him invisible to her.

Vanguard Sciences She stands there stunned and pointing to her boyfriend with her mouth agape. People ask what is wrong and she responds don't you see it, that ROSE FLOATING IN THE AIR!

It seems her boyfriend had secretly carried in a rose held behind his back, but the post-hypnotic command made him invisible so she saw the rose which no one else could see! Incredible! When the hypnotist snapped his fingers, now she could see her boyfriend and everyone was stunned by what they'd just witnessed as a 'negative hallucination.'

I never forgot that story so when I later became good friends with David Fasold who found what is believed to be Noah's Ark in Turkey, he introduced me to the real Indiana Jones, a man named Vendyl Jones who lived in nearby (to Dallas) Arlington. So I met Vendyl, his Levite sons and his Jewish wife Zehavah. Many discussions and items of interest exchanged. Vendly digs at the Cave of the Blue Column every winter in Israel, in search of the Ark of the Covenant. He says even in winter, inside this cave it gets very hot. They have to dig carefully and it involves a lot of work and time with little result to date.

Vanguard Sciences A few weeks after I met Vendyl he was invited to speak at a conference on ground penetrating radar since he was hoping some of that technology might help him find artefacts in the cave and at other archeological sites of interest, but most importantly, the Ark.

Vendyl invited me to be his technical consultant and our group attended the dinner and Vendyl's presentation. It was before this when Vendyl mentioned how difficult it was to find anything that I told him the 'negative hallucination' story and suggested it could be used to make the ground transparent so an archeologist or treasure seeker could more easily find what they were looking for.

I have not read of this being tried, but it might be something if you find the right person who is sufficiently sensitive and responsive.

We had many kids in our neighborhood ranging in age from about 4 up to 16. My brother, sis and I were between 12 and 16 and one of our neighbors also had two boys and a girl about a year younger than each of us, so we all ran around together.

Lots of sleepovers and getting into mischief, but never anything serious. One afternoon after school, I was hanging out with the two brothers and asked the oldest if he'd let me try to hypnotize him. The mom was downstairs making dinner and the dad not yet home from work.

Vanguard Sciences "Sure, let's try it!" he says, though none of us had any confidence it might work. I went through the steps of closing the eyes, getting him to relax and talking him down to as low a level as I could. We tried to surprise him by sneaking up and yelling from behind, no reaction. Then I told him he could not feel anything in his hand and stuck a needle in with no reaction and curiously, no bleeding.

By now, their male cousin was there and we are all fascinated that the older brother did seem to be hypnotized. I told him he was on a raft on the lake, it was winter time and the water was very cold, that he fell in and he began to shake and his skin was cold to the touch!! I then told him to relax and forget that, now we were out in the country, midday in the summer and it was very hot...all of us were sweating as we walked and my subject began sweating!

Of course, for kids, this was marvelous and we got a big kick out of thinking of things we could try to see how he responded. He was totally under and only responsive to my voice. We did a strength test by getting him to lift a really heavy desk with both hands,then to lift it with just one hand. Normally it would take two of us to barely budge that desk...another wonder!

Then came the yell from downstairs...his mother called him to come run an errand...uh-oh....we discussed should I wake him up or let him go down and see if we could get him past her without notice. The vote was to see if she would notice. So, here goes the two brothers, their cousin and me. The mom told him to get something like bread and milk from the local grocery store about 5 blocks away. She spoke to him but his eyes were glassy and he didn't respond or acknowledge. She asked him what was wrong and no response. I told her I had hypnotized him and he was in a trance.

She looked at me like I was crazy (I get that a lot even then) and the others confirmed, yes, he is in a trance. She didn't believe it and yelled at him to stop playing, to straighten up and fly response... Now she was getting worried...she shook him and slapped him lightly on the response...uh-oh... Now she is scared and that is turning into anger at what I'd done to her son. She'd not seen this in her life so to her it was black magic.

Now she demanded that I bring her son out of whatever he was in and get the hell out of her house...I told them all to stand back and for pete's sake BE QUIET. I had my subject follow me to the living room, the angry mother and scared friends all stood in the wide kitchen door watching without saying a word. I talked my subject back to consciousness and made sure he was alright. He asked me what he was doing downstairs and how he got here. I told him I'd hypnotized him and just now woke him up, that is mom was really mad and ordered me out of the house. He laughed and turned to see everyone relieved that he was OK, but the mom was even more angry. It took a full 6 months before she would let me come back to their house or hang out with her kids so I learned a lesson with that.

BUT, I did actually hypnotize someone from a mailorder book and it was a fairly deep trance, so I think the learning experience was well worth it.

No doubt you've read about the hypnotic gaze of snakes which put small animals in a state of catatonia and can even draw the animal to the waiting snake.

From Odd Factoids April 17th, 2009;

The Hypnotic Gaze of Snakes

A few weeks ago, there was in the news an article about the discovery of a device to detect beams from the eyes. This article might have some connection to the use of such eyebeams to fascinate and paralyze a victim;

Vanguard Sciences"Some animals are held in universal dread by others, and not the least terrible is the effect produced by the rattle-snake. Mr. Pennant says, that this snake will frequently lie at the bottom of a tree, on which a squirrel is seated. He fixes his eyes on the animal, and from that moment it cannot escape; it begins a doleful outcry, which is so well known that a passer by, on hearing it, immediately knows that a snake is present.

The squirrel runs up the tree a little way, comes down again, then goes up and afterwards comes still lower. The snake continues at the bottom of the tree, with his eyes fixed on the squirrel, and his attention is so entirely taken up, that a person accidentlly approaching may make a considerable noise, without so much as the snake's turning about. The squirrel comes lower, and at last leaps down to the snake, whose mouth is already distended for its reception.

Le Vaillant confirms this fascinating terror, by a scene he witnessed. He saw on the branch of a tree a species of shrike trembling as if in convulsions, and at the distance of nearly four feet, on another branch, a large species of snake, that was lying with outstretched neck and fiery eyes, gazing steadily at the poor animal.

The agony of the bird was so great that it was deprived of the power of moving away, and when one of the party killed the snake, it was found dead upon the spot-and that entirely from fear-for, on examination, it appeared not to have received the slightest wound.

The same traveller adds, that a short time afterwards he observed a small mouse in similar agonizing convulsions, about two yards from a snake, whose eyes were intently fixed upon it; and on frightening away the reptile, and taking up the mouse, it expired in his hand."

With reference to the discovery of Eye Beams in the quote above, here is the article from Odd Factoids March 22nd, 2009;

Evil Eye, Telekinesis and Eyebeams

Vanguard Sciences All those times we read about where one can actually FEEL when someone is looking at us, now apparently proven with equipment.

What if these newly discovered eyebeams can be used as verification of the evil eye which is used to intentionally (or not) transmit sickness or a curse to a victim by a person envious, jealous, or covetous and who wishes their victim misfortune? The evil eye is used by a person seeking to harm you, your children, your livestock, or your fruit trees, etc. simply by looking at them.

Additionally, through eyebeams, we might be able to extend the influence of our mind through psychokinesis, to exert sufficient mental force to move objects or to produce telekinetic effects in the form of movement of objects, however tiny (a grain of salt or air molecules to create wind) or even a large object such as an automobile, building, or bridge.

KeelyNet"Noted psychiatrist and author Colin A. Ross, M.D., today announced his patent application for a system to detect the electromagnetic energy emitted by the human eye.

Dr. Ross has been researching a new science and medicine focused on the human body's electromagnetic field, which will be detailed in an upcoming book, "Human Energy Fields." In his research, Dr. Ross has discovered proof that the eye emits electromagnetic energy that he calls an "eyebeam."

He calls his invention an Electromagnetic Beam Detection System for which he has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. "The experimental proof of the reality of the human eyebeam is crucial in developing the science of human energy fields," said Dr. Ross.

"The existence of the human eyebeam has been dismissed by psychologists, physiologists, physicists and virtually all modern scientists. This represents a big step forward." According to Dr. Ross' application, the electromagnetic beam detection system can be used as a switch and can turn on or off any electrical device. It functions like a clapper light, but uses the electromagnetic energy emitted through the eyes instead of the sound of a hand clapping.

Dr. Ross has sent the link for the U.S. Patent Office application to James Randi ( and is waiting to hear from him about the status of his $1 Million Paranormal Challenge, in which he claims that he can make a tone sound out of a computer using a beam of energy he sends out through his eyes. Dr. Ross' proposed Challenge protocol is available on his web site ( / Dr. Ross' patent application for the EBDS can be viewed at: Click on: Publication Number Search Enter: 20090046246"

And let's not forget the fairly recent report of the Italian Hypnotist who robbed grocery stores and was actually caught on tape with glowing eyes! Just like a snake, concentrated eyebeams projecting confusion and befuddlement while he took whatever he wished.

Robber Uses Hypnosis to Steal From Cash Register - March 25th, 2008

The suspected thief caught on video tape was able to get away with some 800 Euros, and the Italian supermarket employee said she remembers very little of him. A robber has apparently used hypnosis to force an Italian supermarket employee to empty the cash register and hand him money.

Surveillance camera footage from the store in Jesi, showed a middle aged man with a beard lean over and talk the cashier into giving him the approximately 800 Euros that were in her register. “When we closed the shop we found out that 800 Euros were missing,’’ the cashier said. “I thought it must have been that because he was very strange.”

The cashier says she doesn’t remember anything else about the incident. Police have released the television footage of the thief in hope that someone else may come forward with his identity.

Psychic/Hypnotist Wolf Messing

"While famous Russian psychic and hypnotist Wolf Messing was imprisoned in the cell he used his hypnotic abilities to gather all the personnel of the prison in his camera including the chief of the prison, then he made them believe that there are diamonds scattered across the floor of his cell. The Nazi guards started collecting the diamonds while he just freely left the cell and closed the cell door after himself. After that he fled to USSR, while all his other relatives tragically died in Nazi concentration camps."

Many years ago I read a book about Messing trying to convince Stalin to fund a paranormal research lab. Stalin and his advisers had no confidence in any practical uses coming from this. So Messing offered Stalin a wager of his choice to prove his abilities. Stalin was very paranoid and surrounded himself with layers of dedicated guards with strict permission to let no one pass without his express permission. The deal was Stalin would sit in his study on a particular evening and it was up to Messing to get through the guards to visit Stalin.

Time passed as Stalin sat in his easy chair smoking and reading in front of the fire. He waited with little expectation that Messing could possibly get past his guards. After a time, he thought that's enough and just then he hears someone clear their throat. He looked up to see Messing sitting in the chair opposite him. Stalin was at first incredulous, then outraged that his guards could be bribed or tricked. But before he could order their deaths, Messing told Stalin he had projected the image of Stalin's most trusted confidant who always had access to Stalin. The soldiers simply saw what he wanted them to see and so let him pass without challenge. Stalin questioned the soldiers and all of them admitted only one person had gone past that evening, the trusted adviser Messing had projected. Stalin admitted that Messing had won and ordered funding for the paranormal lab as per their deal.

There are numerous stories of Messing walking into a bank, presenting a teller with a blank piece of paper. His eyes glowing and focused on the teller so that he or she must look into them, he projected the image of that blank piece of paper being an approved check in the amount of tens of thousands of rubles which the teller gladly cashed and Messing walked out. But he returned the money since this was simply a demonstration of how a focused mind could overcome the will of weaker or distracted minds, just like the Italian Hypnotist Robber quoted earlier.

And let's not forget the many miracles claimed to have been produced by Indian Yogi's. Chief among them the Indian Rope Trick. In one report which I could not find, a group of scientists went over to India with a movie camera to document the entire trick. The Trick was performed, the audience moved 'as one' to watch where the Yogi directed their view until the show was over. All during this time, the Yogi was in deep concentration, his eyes glowing like embers and he sweated. Yet when the film was developed, it showed nothing happening on the outdoor, makeshift stage. Just the Yogi sitting there willing the crowd to see the video he played out in his mind.

Classical Indian Rope Trick;

Vanguard Sciences "As classically described, the demonstration starts with the magician throwing a rope high into the air. The rope stays vertical and a boy assistant of the magician climbs up the rope and disappears from sight. The magician calls to the boy in apparent anger, demanding his return, then puts a sharp knife in his teeth and also climbs the rope and disappears high into the air.

There is then the sound of a fierce quarrel; the dismembered limbs of the boy, followed by his bleeding trunk and head, are thrown down to the ground. The magician comes down the rope, kicks the limbs, throws a cloth over them or puts them in a basket, and in a moment the boy reappears whole, none the worse for the experience.

Travelers' tales often included the detail that a photographer took a picture, which proved blank on developing the negative, or alternatively showed only the magician sitting on the ground without a rope, suggesting that the whole exhibition was a collective hallucination induced by the magician."

Explained as a Collective Hallucination;

"Magician Ormond McGill, after a visit to India to search of an explanation of the Rope Trick, proclaimed that "by directing his will, the magician causes his mental images to project themselves as real to the vision of his audience. In this way, he produces an illusion-a force which the Adepts call maya, whereby the senses of the observers report as fact things that have no real existence. In other words, the magician creates and projects a powerful concentrated thought form, which to the observers seems temporarily to exist as reality."
One of these books has a chapter on animal mesmerism which is quite fascinating but they all provide various levels of details for experimenting with hypnosis for healing, correcting problems, entertaining your friends and even as a stage show if you are so inclined. Well worth the price and all you have to do is practice with friends and/or family. - by Jerry Decker

Glamour and Clouding the Mind

Defined as the quality of fascinating, alluring, or attracting, esp. by a combination of charm and good looks or magic or enchantment; spell; witchery. The connection here is the application of concentrated, focused will to impress upon your subject whatever you wish them to see. This can occur in the form of a specific image or simply to 'cloud the mind', confuse the subject to such a degree that you can do as you will with little or no memory of the event on the part of the subject.

In UFO studies, this is referred to as 'missing time';

Vanguard Sciences "Missing time is a proposed phenomenon reported by some people in connection with close encounters with UFOs and abduction phenomena.

The term missing time refers to a gap in conscious memory relating to a specific period in time. The gap can last from several minutes to several days in length.

The memory of what happened during the missing time reported is often recovered through hypnosis or during dreams. A phenomenon similar to missing time can occur while listening to binaural beats designed to produce altered states of consciousness."

Vanguard Sciences In popular culture, we have 'The Shadow' who had the ability to cloud men's minds;

"His greatest power is his ability to “cloud men’s minds”. He can hypnotize people instantly so that he can move as an invisible shadow. He can also hypnotize people so they forget things or to command them to perform certain acts (he once forced a criminal to write a detailed account of his past crimes)."

Vanguard Sciences And in Star Wars, we have the force being projected to cloud and control weaker or distracted minds.

Whereas hypnosis requires a willing participant, glamouring does not. Glamours are smothering, vague, and enveloping. Glamouring overcomes the will of the subject to fog, cloud or influence the mind.

All of our methods of communication; newspapers, radio, television, advertising etc., are when viewed clearly simply an extremely clouded approach to life based almost entirely on illusion and glamour.

Another fascinating pop culture reference to the use of both subliminals and glamour type mind clouding is in the movie, 'They Live'.

Vanguard Sciences "A down-on-his-luck construction worker, discovers a pair of special sunglasses. Wearing them, he is able to see the world as it really is: people being bombarded by media and government with messages like "Stay Asleep", "No Imagination", "Submit to Authority".

Even scarier is that he is able to see that some usually normal-looking people are in fact ugly aliens in charge of the massive campaign to keep humans subdued."

Whether glamouring or subliminals are being used on purpose or simply accidentally, glamoring to influence people should be regarded with some concern.

When we drop our guard, we allow ourselves to become victims of those people who use glamour or illusion to their advantage. What is most disquieting is our preparedness to allow this to happen by walking around distracted or not paying attention to our surroundings and ambient influences.

Glamour can be applied on many levels, personal, group, national, global and is described with a lot of additional Theosophical mumbo-jumbo but you can pull out the interesting info in this free Glamour - A World Problem ebook. It is one way we can be controlled and manipulated on one or more levels by letting our guard down.


Sample text from 'Hypnotic Therapy'

"One of the first things I do when I wish to operate, or produce a normal sleep, is to bring down the heart beats and rapid respirations at once to the normal condition. One always finds rapid respiration and pulse when the subject is first hypnotized. Never neglect to put them in a normal condition before leaving the patient."

"Dr. Wilmer Brinton, desiring to see a demonstration, called at my office. After showing him all the conditions, I told him that a subject could be given any criminal suggestion, and it would be carried out. Calling the subject to me, I said, "You see that old man on the corner?" "Yes." "Well, I want you to go up to him and steal his gold watch and chain and bring it back to me."

Quietly and cunningly engating Dr. Brinton in conversatioin, he neatly abstracted the watch and chain, and gave them to me. I told him to keep them in his pocket. Then I told him to sit down.

I at once brought him out of this state, and Dr. Brinton asked him for his watch. It was really sad to see his expression and his his protestation, and whe he found the watch, was dumbfounded.

Here is where I made a mistake. I should have given him a post-hypnotic suggestion while he sat in the chair, telling him when he woke up and a watch was found in his pocket that it was all right.

I left the office for a half hour, and upon returning, found him rigid on the floor, but protesting he did not steal the watch. My family and Dr. Gorter were strenuously trying to bring him out of this condition, but of course with no success. At my command he jumped up at once and went down stairs. There he had another attack, and I was finally obliged to stay with him and put him into a normal sleep, during which I suggested that that when he awoke he would forget all that occurred.

The suggestion was successful. This was a valuable lesson to me.

I certainly desire that all public demonstrations of hypnotism should cease; and laws enacted allowing only reputable medican men to practice it. I agree with Liegois that hypnotic subjects can be made to commit any crime. I will not say all subjects, but a large proportion, and for this reason I believe in instructing our law-makers in the facts; and he who disputes a face, is a subject for instruction, not argument."


Sample text from 'Hypnotic Science'

"If I wish to hypnotize a class, or try a larger number, I use a zinc button with a copper wire through the centre, which I request the individual to hold in his closed right hand, resting on the right knee. In the left hand, which he holds open, I place a small crystal, set in horn, that is polished to a shining black, the left arm and hand resting partly on the chest.

The subject is requested to gaze continually and intently on the crystal prism, and not to undertake any motions whatever, keeping the same position in which I place him, and to fix his whole attention to sleep.

After a lapse of seven or eight minutes I commence to make my passes over the subject; at the end of two or three manipulations I command him to close his eyes; I perform one or two passes more, from the head downward to the knee; placing my left hand on his forehead, then press a certain place with my thumb, at the same time pressing with my right hand the subject's right thumb.

Another and very effective method, one I often employ when I hypnotize one person-singly, is to let the subject gaze fixedly at a lighted candle for about three minutes, held at such a height that it requres considerable effort on the part of the subject to look at it.

The subject must not wink the eyelids any more than is absolutely necessary, and must draw the breath deep and in a measured time. The subject is told before commencing to hold the mouth open about one inch, with the tongue curved, the tip resting parallel with the lower teeth. At the end of about three minutes I raise the left hand over the back part of the subject's head, and with my fingers spread apart, make two or three passes downward along the spinal nerves, after which I command the subject to close they eyes. I then perform one or two more manipulations until full sleep is secured.

There is also the Donato method. The subject is asked to kneel before the operator, and to look steadily into his eyes. Standing before him the operator places his hand on the subject's forehead, and inclines his head slightly backward.

Vanguard Sciences As soon as he tries to straighten forward he directs at the subject's eyes an imperative glance which, if he is susceptible to his influence, hypnotizes him."

"Everybody cannot be a hypnotist. To be one requires a strong and sound constitution, a determined will, and a large practive to learn to concentrate that will."

"That the majority of animals can be hypnotized is something a number of people have only a very limited knowledge of, although it is easily done, and also of great interest to all who think seriously on such matters-especially for scientists.

I have experimented with quite a number of the larger animals, such as horses and dogs, and always had complete success. Some animals can easily be brought into the hypnotic state. This has long been known.

The bringing of animals into the hypnotic condition is easily accomplished, because the methods are very practical; we can almost call them mechanical. They immediately produce their effect; it is not necessarily to follow all the rules such as for hypnotizing people."

Vanguard Sciences "That a number of people can be hypnotized at the same time you will see by the following instantaneous photograph representing a tea-party, where the ladies are brought from the somnambulistic into the cataleptic state by a word, or by a motion of my hands. They remain as motionless as statues in the position they were when I induced the catalepsy.

The subjects retain the same position until by exclamation or motion I release them. In the above condition subjects are always found to be unconscious and so complelely under control that a lighted candle can be held very close to the eye without any winking of the eyelids or contraction whatever of the pupils of the eye, which in a normal condition would occur immediately... The phenomenon is interesting; in fact, it is remarkable."

Vanguard Sciences "The diseases for the treatment of which hypnotism is especially adapted are neuralgia, insomnia, sick headache, morphine, alcohol and opium habit, etc.."

"There is no danger whatever in hypnotism when the hypnotist makes it a positive rule never to hypnotize anybody unless friends or relatives of the subject are present as witnesses, in a position to control what occurs and note the suggestions given to the subject. I will here state to all those timid individuals that hypnotic conditions cannot be used as a mask by the hypnotist to commit crimes against humanity, as people usually believe. Because it is a fact that even if the subjects are in the deepest degree of sleep, they cannot be compelled to do anything immoral or criminal-if the subject is an honest and upright person. The above has been proven by numerous experiments, and the subjects who are hypnotized positively refuse to obey where it is against their own morals and character. They will even awaken if anything very disagreeable is suggested."

"The differences in climate appear to have great influence on hypnotic susceptibility. Southerners, and generally those who have been exposed to tropical heat, are much more easily influenced than those who live in the temperate or frigid zones. Hypnosis not only appears sooner in the tropical climates, but it is usually deeper, and the more complicated conditions of the states invariably immediately appear. The hypnotic susceptibility does not depend on these circumstances alone. There are many other conditions which we must find, partly outside of the individual and partly within. It is necessary to especially notice the different tempers of mind, such as delight, sorrow, etc..

That which also works against coming into the hypnotic state is over-exertion, either mentally or bodily, an empty or an overloaded stomach, excessive use of certain nourishing substances, liquors, strong spices, coffee or tea. All these conditions, more or less, prevent or disturbe the coming hypnosis. Furthermore, outward influences, such as temperature, dress, place of residence and surroundings, should all be considered. The room in which experiments are to be performed must neight be too warm or too cold.

Dryness is always encouraging to hypnosis, while damp air disturbs the influence. Strong odors of flowers and certain perfumes are very often advantageous. Strong lights are by all means unfavorable. A mild and shaded light is always favorable. The subjects' seat must be as comfortable as possible; the least noise, the buzzing of a fly, the creaking of shoes, may disturbe the good results in causing an involuntary distraction of thought, which tends to disturb the effects of the manipulations of the operator.

Without exception there should be a third person present in the room, to witness every hypnotic treatment involing unconscinousness of the subject. There will then be no cause for misunderstandings."

"When in Gothenburg, Sweden, about seven years ago, I gave a lecture and hypnotic seance in the home of a well-known Swedish nobleman, Count Y---... A broker in the audience said that a girl of 10 or 11 years of age, the daughter of one of his employees, very well answered the description of a sensitive. A messenger was sent and returned with the girl, as the parents did not at all object to the experiment.

We continued the seance; the girl was remarkabl sensitive and a superb clairvoyant. She was told to see the Countess X. in Stockholmn. She answered "yes' without the slightest hesitation, and gave a full description of the countess and the room in which she (the countess) was that very same evening.

(Stockholm, the metropolis of Sweden, is 350 miles from Gothenburg, and the little girl had never seen the lady in question.)

Then she proceeded to give a minute description of a young gentleman who she saw in the same room together with the countess. Several in the audience were laughing; the description was very accurate, and the very picture of Cout Y, who had been for the last six months the Countess's very ardent and favored admirer.

Something concerning the countess and her lover was not pleasant for the audience, and especially Baron V. looked very annoyed. I pitied the countess, too, who, in supposed safety behind locked doors, thought herself barred out from the world's slander, knowing nothing about the fact that she really was on public exhibition.

The next night I went to Christiana, on a four month's trip through Norway, to lecture upon hypnotism. When I agan reached Gothenburg, I met my former host. He told me that he in the meantime had looked the matter up concerning our somnambulists' description of the countess, and found evertything correct. Also a laughable situation, which she had the same evening predicted for the countess, on a certain day, proved to be correct."

"There were now several experiments performed, to convince us that the subject was completely insensible to any pain. I placed under his right arm a mark an inch long with a red hot knitting needle, witout any motion or sign that he felt it. I put a strong needle through his hand, so that it projected a quarter of an inch on the other side, during which (he being commanded) sat with a happy and smiling expression on his face...

By investigation it was found that the pupils of his eyes-not-withstanding the strong light-were considerably dilated, but by bringing a lighted candle close to the eyes, the pupils slightly contracted.

A trial with a very strong electric battery proved that he was only slightly susceptible to electric influence; the handles even fell from his grasp, while the effect upon us was so strong that we could not let go when we held them.

The sleeper was wakened by a sharp shout. He opened his eyes and gazed about with a dazed look, evidently surprised at finding himself in a strange house, surrounded by a party of almost entire strangers. I then asked him several questions which he answered quickly and satisfactorily.

He declared that he felt splendid, and apparently had not the slightest idea of having undergone any painful operation."

"I will call attention to post-hypnotic experiments, by which the subject, after a shorter or longer period, is compelled to perform acts that may be entirely against his nature. A French physician, Professor Beaunis, has lately given an account of an order that was exactly executed a full year after the suggestion had been given.

In this manner a rascal could influence another person to commit a crime, while it would be very difficult to discover the originator. The poor instrument on coming out of the hypnotic sleep, would not have the slightest idea of what he had done.

On the other hand we learned through our experiments that hypnotized individuals are utterly insensible to pain. Physicians can perhaps have in that condition a splendid narcotic for operations, where for some reason they cannot use chloroform, ether, etc.."

"What caused most wonder at this experiment was hypnotizing at a distance. Although I had heard of such experiments before, I always considered such communications as conscious or unconscious stories, as we would naturally consider it as an agreed upon deception. Although I had done all in my power to prevent any communication between the hypnotist and the subject, and the witnesses present, in spite of all their vigilance, had not been able to discover that any communication had taken place between the parties concerned by any ordinary means of expression."

"On the 24th of June, Mr. S. was at my house, and shortly before the subject arrived, I requested him to remain severaly rooms away from the reception room. When the subject had made his appearance, Mr. S. should, accompanied by some of the gentlemen, go down the kitchen stairs to the back gate, which is about ninety feet from the main building, and one hundred and thirty-five feet from where the subject was to sit.

One of the gentlemen was to take up a position by a window facing the yard, and by waving a handkerchief, give the signal for Mr. S. to commence operations. I will admit that at that time I felt rather ashamed of making such an attempt, which seemed to me sheer nonsense, and at the same time an impossibility.

I went in to the subject who, during our conversation, suddenly fell asleep. I went to the gentleman who was to give the signal and told him the subject was asleep, and he informed me that he had just given the signal. This wonderful experiment had then been successful."

"Interesting cases present themselves daily at my office, people wish, not merely treatment for troublesome diseases, but also apply in order to have their talents developed through hypnotic influence-generally very excellent results are reached."

"The facts show that the majority of people can be hypnotized-if not immediately, by the first attempt, they can always be more or less influenced by repeated experiments-at least sixty percent can be hypnotized if the right method is employed and the party concerned is willing-young and vigorous people in general are most susceptible to hypnotism."

"A young Board of Trade man, who for a space of five years had been devoted to the use of morphia, I cured inside of a month by tri-weekly treatments."

"A noted attorney from Omaha, who was in the habit of smoking from fifteen to twenty cigars a day, was, after five treatmetns, able to control his great desire for tobacco; and of late he smokes only three cigars a day-sometimes even less. For reasons of his own he did not wish to have the desire for tobacco completely abolished."

"An elderly gentleman had been partially lame since 1862; he could only with the greatest difficulty walk about in his room with the aid of crutches. I succeeded in fifteen days daily treatments in restoring his limbs to their normal use."

"A young lady, twenty-one years of age, who suffered from melancholia (depression) and who had tried all known remedies without benefit, I cured in seven treatments, restoring her to a happier mood of life."

"In the same way I have cured numerous persons of painful diseases, such as nervous deafness, weakness of mind, neuralgia, bad digestion, sleep-walking, etc.. At different places in this book I have mentioned the diseases which we are able to cure by the aid of hypnotism, as well as the methods employed, and will not enter any further upon this subject."

"Concerning hypnotism, in general, I allow myself to give the following advice: One should not allow himself to be hypnotized or treated by an operator in whom he has not confidence. The hypnotist ought to be experienced and thoroughly understand what he undertakes. Especially must the patient have a little knowledge of the character and the principles of the hypnotizer before he yields to his treatment, and never forget to have friends or acquaintances present during the hypnotization."

Vanguard Sciences "The operator then placed in her hands a small metal button, painted black with the exception of the center, which was of the color of silver. She was now requested to fix her gaze upon the bright center of this disk, and to concentrate her mind upon the idea of sleep.

The operator stood in front of her, and began, in a low tone of voice, to repeat Bernheim's formula:

'Think of nothing but sleep. Your eyelids begin to feel heavy. Your eyes are tired. They begin to wink, they are getting moist; you cannot see distinctly. Your lids are closing, you cannot open them again. Your arms feel heavy, so do your legs. You cannot feel anything. Your hands are motionless. You see nothing. You are going to sleep. SLEEP!'

In five and one-half minutes the subject was found to be asleep. Her eyes were closes, she breathed heavily and regularly-in short, all the phenomena of sleep were present."

"Dr. Sextus' culminating effort was phenomenal. He created a physiological paradox. One of the subjects was placed in a lethargic condition and his pulse and temperature was taken. With his hand resting upon the young man's head, Sextus said:

'I wish your temperature to fall and your pulsations increase.'

Within four minutes the pulse had increased in rapidity from 95 to 120 beats to the minute. An application of the thermometer showed that the physical temperature had decreased 2.2 degrees, having fallen from 98 to 96.8 degrees. Then the action was reversed. The pulse was owered to 80 beats and the temperature sent to 101 degrees."

"My method of procedure when I have several subjects is to seat each in an easy attitude. I place in the palm of the right hand a little zinc hemisphere painted black, in the center of which is a polished copper point-this for men; for women I often us a light wooden hemisphere, black, with a faceted crystal in its center. The right hand is curved across the body and the head slightly bent forward, with the eyes steadily fixed upon the bright point. Absolute immobility is urged, no twitching movements of the fingers or swallowing movements of the throat permitted.

Presently, in successful cases, the right hand begins to waver, then there is a nervous tremor of the eyelids. Then I make certain passes and the hypnotic sleep supervenes."

"I believe that epilepsy is considered beyond the means of our orthodox medical schools; yet right before me I have such a case radically cured by the mentioned hypnotist, Mr. Carl Sextus. Fortunately, I personally know Miss M.M. and can testify to the facts. For six years or more was she a victim to this dreaded disease. Until her perfect restoration (from early childhood) she was subject to the most frightful headaches, sometimes coming on every other day, sometimes lasting for a week. Over three years ago chance took her to one of Mr. Sextus' hypnotic exhibitions. In a few treatments she was cured; at least not having had the slightest relapse to the present."

"Another case is that of Mr. E.M., a man of 57, very deaf and defective in the organs of speech. Besides this the right arm and leg were partially paralyzed. In seven treatments he was healed-medical treatment and massage both proving ineffectual."

"A subject was found whose body was strong and robuts, if his will was not. The Professor made the heart of the subject beat fast or slow at will, Dr. Anderson testing the pulse. The pulsations were made to reach as high as 120 and as low as 66 to the minute."

"It is a very common mistake to think that only nervous diseases can be cured through hypnotism. Now, certainly, the nervous form a large percentage of the human troubles in our time, but still the very nature of the hypnotic power shows that it may be possible to influence a sick person, even if his nerves are all right. If, as we have shown, the will of the hypnotist is sufficient to retard or quicken the pulse, to prevent or cause blisters, to cause pain to disappear and so on, it may also be possible, by a suitably worded command, to stop a local inflammation or the formation of a cancer; to cure indigestion; nay, even to conquer the all-prevailing corn. Think of it ladies and gentlement!"


Sample text from 'Mesmerism and Hypnosis'

"The usual method of inducing the Mesmeric or Hypnotic state is to cause the person operated on to stare fixedly at a faceted or glittering piece of glass held at from 8 to 15 inches from the eyes, in such a position, above the forehead as well as to strain the eyes and eyelids. The operator may stand behind the patient, and he will observe that the pupils are at first contracted from the efforted of accommodation of each eye for near vision on the object; in a short time the pupils begin to relax, and then the operator makes a few 'passes' over the face without touching it.

The eyelids then close; or the operator may gently close them with the tips of the fingers, at the same time gently stroking the cheeks. Often a vibratory motion of the eyelids may be observed when they are closed, or there may be slight spasm of the eyelids. The eyes may afterwards become widely opened. The patient is now in a sleep-like condition, and the limbs often remain in almost any position in which the operator may place them, as in a cataleptic condition."

"Magnetism," says Von Helmont, "is active everywhere, and has nothing new but the name, it is a paradox only to those who ridicule everything, and who attribute to the power of Satan, whatever they care unable to explain.

"The discovery of the mesmeric-somnambulistic condition came about while mesmerizing a young man for the cure of consumption (tuberculosis). While making the requisite passes, the patient fell into a peaceful sleep-the true mesmeric sleep is exceedingly calm and recuperating.

While in this sleep Victor talked with an intelligence rare to the waking condition; and while in that state prescribed the remedies necessary to his recovery."

"The result of the experiments of Dr. Elliotson, which was published in the Lancet, produced a great sensation; and phenomena which has been regarded as impossible, were constantly produced. Prevision, introvision, sympathy, thought transference, and all the extraordinary features of clairvoyance were established."

"Many persons have very foolishly done so-commenced to try (hypnotic) experiments with no other knowledge than that of having seen some other person's experiment. A gentleman residing in Bootle was present with his family one evening. On returning home he thought, for the 'fun of the thin,' he would 'try his hand.'

He had no doubt but he could do just as well as myself, as he afterward told me. He succeeded in putting his footman asleep, and of getting him to do several things, which he (the gentleman), his family, and servants enjoyed amazingly.

He was in raptures with his more than expected success, the subject being exceedingly passive and docile in his hands. He however, forgot how to de-mesmerise, or wake the subject up.

Becoming perplexed and excited, the poor footman followed suit. One person suggested one thing, another, another thing. This gentleman tried to carry out the various suggestions, but the poor victim was fast retrograding from bad to worse.

Smelling salts were applied to his nose and water thrown over him; these efforts only unduly excited him. He groaned and cried, and acted in a very strange manner. A messenger was sent into town; at considerable trouble I was found, and at four o'clock in the morning arrived at his house.

I saw how things stood, and proceeded to demesmerise his footman by the following process: I got every person in the house who had touched the young man to take hands and join in a circle, the gentleman who had mesmerised the youth taking his (the footman's left hand), while I completed the circle by taking his right hand.

I counselled passivity and calmness on all, and explained to them the risk of indiscriminating experiments, and the dangers which might arise therefrom, and pointed out that this was a bad case of 'Cross-Mesmerism.'

By forming the circle, I sought to tone down the tumult, calm the patient, and subject all to my own influence. At the end of fifteen minutes I broke up the circle, placed myself in dominant contact with the patient, and de-mesmerised him. The lesson was not readily forgotten by either the gentleman or his servants."

"A sudden fright has been known to produce the hypnotic condition. I have seen a cat catalepsed on a yardwall by a broom being thrown at it; a thief catalepsed at the sudden fear of detection."

"The mesmeric and the hypnotic states are often confounded with one another, but they are distinct if allied. In the first the subject has an inward illuminated condition, a strong moral and spiritual individuality-a penetration and clear-headedness marked and distinct; in the latter subject is a creature of circumstances, and the circumstances may be good, bad, or indifferent."

"Having gone so far in the cultivation of the 'gaze', commence to use it to some purpose. If at a place of amusement or at a lecture, sitting behind someone, look steadily at the nape of the neck, with the intention of giving them a desire to turn round. This can be done by persevering practice-a small percentage of successes will soon show you what can be done. You wll begin to realise that the conscious direction of will by the eye becomes a most subtle and powerful mode or vehicle of thought."

"It is generally believed that only weak-minded 'soft', and hysterical persons can be successfully mesmerised-that persons of robust health, will, and character cannot be so affected.

There never was a greater mistake. Reichenbach for many years selected his sensitives from delicate and hysterical persons while pursuing investigations into odylic force.

He however, soon discovered his error, and found that healthy men and women made the best sensitives for investigation...

The experience of all mesmerists-past and present-worthy of the name is this; the healthier and finer the organization, the more perfect and exalted the manifestations."

"That clairvoyance can be induced Mesmerism is not to be doubted. The mesmeriser and his sensitive are distinct entities, egos-individuals, if you will-both having their respective organisation, temperament, and character.

The primary action of Mesmerism should be that of spirit acting on spirit, mind on mind-such action being that of direction, or education, and sympathy.

Secondly, the action of Mesmerism is that of spirit or mind over organisation. Therefore we have the mind of the mesmeriser influencing the mind of the sensitve directly, or through the organisation indirectly.

Mesmeric operations in their highest and truest character are spiritual, then mental, then physical.

Hypnotic experiments are physical FIRST, mental afterward, spiritual seldom.

Clairvoyance is possible in Mesmerism, impossible in the latter. Clairvoyance-'clear seeing'-might be called 'soul-sight,' as a vivid ray of electric light flashed suddenly out into midnight darkness reveals much that is hidden with sudden and startling clarity."

"The best clairvoyant sensitives have been women from about 15 to 25, whose organisations were healthy, refined, and pure, and whose heads were favourably developed in the spiritual, moral, intuitive and mental faculties...

Caution to both mesmerists and sensitives: There must be no hurry. Mesmerists can furnish favourable conditions, but they cannot creat clairvoyance."

How to magnetise water...


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