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Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann, based on his doctrine of like cures like, according to which a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people will cure similar symptoms in sick people.

Hahnemann believed that the underlying causes of disease were phenomena that he termed miasms, and that homeopathic remedies addressed these.

The remedies are prepared by repeatedly diluting a chosen substance in alcohol or distilled water, followed by forceful striking on an elastic body. Dilution usually continues well past the point where no molecules of the original substance remain.

Homeopaths select remedies by consulting reference books known as repertories, and by considering the totality of the patient's symptoms, personal traits, physical and psychological state, and life history.

Homeopathic practitioners rely on two types of reference when prescribing remedies: materia medica and repertories. A homeopathic materia medica is a collection of "drug pictures", organised alphabetically by "remedy," that describes the symptom patterns associated with individual remedies. A homeopathic repertory is an index of disease symptoms that lists remedies associated with specific symptoms.

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A Guide to Homeopathic Practice

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Vanguard Sciences - $15.00 Download - 493 pages - A Guide to Homeopathic Practice

- $25.00 mailed on CD - 493 pages - A Guide to Homeopathic Practice

The object of this book is simply what its title indicates, a Guide to Homeopathic Practive, designed for the use of families and private individuals. We have described the various diseases with sufficient minuteness and detail, to enable any one of ordinary abilities to distinguish the complaint. We have pointed out the immediate and remote causes of the different maladies, and laid down the treatment so clearly and so plainly that no one need make a mistake.

At the conclusion of the given treatment of each disease, we have given the size of the dose and its frequency of repitition, but as this must depend largely upon the peculiarities of each individual case, the reader will have to use his own judgment in regard to the matter; meanwhile, he should read carefully the article on 'Administration of the Medicine and Repitition of the Doses.'

We have also pointed out a suitable diet to be adopted in each particular case, and given specific directions in regard to bathing, ventilation and exercise which will be found of special interest to the lay practioner.

Part Second contains a carefully abridged Materia Medica, in which the leading indications are grouped together under appropriate heads, and will be found to greatly assist the practitioner in the selection of the right remedy. The prominent or leading indications are preceeded by an asterisk (*), to mark their distinctive character.

As the work is intended for the great mass of the community, the author has carefully avoided all technicalities, and made the subject as plain and simlpe as possible, so that any one, to a certain extent,c an prescribe for himself.

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The Truth about Homeopathy

Vanguard Sciences - $10.00 Download - 43 pages - The Truth about Homeopathy

- $25.00 mailed on CD - 43 pages - The Truth about Homeopathy

This, 'The Truth about Homeopathy, is the last literary work done by the late Dr. Holcombe. After his death the manuscript, apparently just completed, was found among the doctor's papers, neatly written and ready for the press.

Homeopathy has rendered distinguished services to medical science in general and especially to the Allopathic branch of it. Prof. Bristow, another classic name in Allopathic annals, boldy gives Hahnemann the proper credit of exposing and denouncing the miserable Allopathic theories and practices of that day.

Homeopathy as a system is based upon three fundamental ideas; 1st - That the true, practical knowledge of the action of the drugs is to be obtained by experiment on the healthy human system, and by the observation and analysis of cases of accidental or intentional poisoning. 2nd - That in the application of drugs to the treatment of disease 'Similia Similibus', like cures like, is the surest, safest and most fruitful principle, rule, or law of cure. 3rd - That in treating disease upon this principle very small or even infinitesimal doses of medicine are most efficient.

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Electro-Homeopathic Medicine

Vanguard Sciences - $15.00 Download - 370 pages - Electro-Homeopathic Medicine

- $25.00 mailed on CD - 370 pages - Electro-Homeopathic Medicine

After 25 years of trial, which have led to successful results, I can now offer the fruits of my studies and the results of my experience. Those who have carefully experimented with Electro-Homeopathic remedies know that they are capable of exercising extraordinary therapeutic action in many cases which are not amenable to any other known treatment.

Electro-Homeopathy is and extension and simplification of Hahnemannian homeopathy. The real difficulty with homeopathy is not in the theory - which is as well demonstrated as any other ascertained law of nature - but in the practice. The magical and marvellous operation of these remedies is a perpetual surprise even to those who have long used them. And the simplicity of their administration brings the healing art within reach of all who care to devote to it a moderate amount of thought, study and observation.

I can unhesitatingly affirm that my complex remedies, that is to say, my electro-homeopathic system of medicine, is the only true and efficient healing force, since it destroys the very germs of diseases in the organism, by purifying the vital fluids in which they circulate and grow.

The homeopathic therapeutics of Hahnemann, rests also on that physiological law which controls the sympathy and attracton under which all the functions of animal and vegetable life are carried on - a law of selection, of assimilation, of relation, by which useful substances are appropriated and absorbed, while substances which are useless or which are alien are rejected. The organism itself makes this selection in a group of attenuated and potentized remedies; it choose that which is required for its cure.

In fact, the organ which is affected absorbs the medicines which are appropriate to it; the other medicines, being attenuated (by being potentised), are in their turn absorbed by other tissues and other organs. Now, if before an organ is completely restored, or while it is disordered, another organ is attacked, in spite of the complexity of the remedies we must have recourse to those which are specially adapted to combat the morbid condition of the organ last attacked, alternating the two specifics according to this reason of the case.

The electricity is used; 1. As compresses : A small piece of linen is moistened with a few drops of the remedy, and applied directly to the painful part. 2. By cupping : That is by the application of the open mouth of the bottle containing the fluid to the cutaneous extremities of the nerves corresponding to the affected region, or over the suffering muscle.

The proper place to apply the electricity is generally indicated by the seat of pain, disease, or injury - contusions, wounds, lacerations, etc.. In all cases we should carefully select those places where the nerves are nearest the surface, or the place where pain is most felt.

Length of time for application. If by cupping, the time varies from three to thirty seconds. Applications for seven, ten, or fifteen seconds are generally the most effectual. We advise short and often repeated applications. Compresses are left on till the linen is dry. They may be renewed more or less frequently, according to the effect obtained.

If pain has to be treated, we always begin by the use of one of the electricities; if pain returns, internal treatment must be superadded.

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The Homeopathy Collection

$40.00 by file or buy all three as a set on CD for $30.00 (save $10.00)

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Guidelines for Alternative Science

Alternative science covers a wide range of interests. Generally, it includes gravity control, free energy, electronic healing techniques, all forms of energy conversion, antigravity, levitation, overunity, time travel (as well as slowing down or speeding up local time).

Also clearly covered is the art of power generation (ideally zero point or aether conversion), space travel, physics of matter and energy, sound/acoustics and how it can be used to produce useful phenomena, electric or magnetic forces to produce useful phenomena, various types of motors, vacuum energy, dimensional travel and shifts, medicine, hydrogen generation and how it is used.

It also covers oil/petroleum and how it can be used to produce energy and products, weather control for cancelling earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods and to produce rain or clear weather on demand, oxygen/ozone therapy, nitrogen as a motor driver, water generation and manipulation via steam and vacuum, ecological restoration techniques, biophysics, rejuvenation and an unending list of other subjects, most of which are accepted by 'orthodox' science.

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