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The Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose Collection
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Growth and Tropic Movement of Plants

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- $10.00 Download - 477 pages - Growth and Tropic Movement of Plants

- $25.00 mailed on CD - 477 pages - Growth and Tropic Movement of Plants

Prior to his plant and animal experiments, Bose spent several years experimenting with electromagnetic waves, and conducted successful wireless signaling experiments in Calcutta in 1895.

The invention of radio is usually credited to Guglielmo Marconi, but a comparison of their records suggests that at certain points of Bose's radio research he was about a year ahead of the Italian scientist.

In Marconi's first wireless trans-oceanic transmission in 1901 a mercury autocoherer was a key component of the receiving device, and while Marconi made no acknowledgment of Bose at the time, subsequent research has shown that Marconi's autocoherer was a near-exact replica of a mechanism invented by Bose, who explained it in detail in a demonstration at the Royal Society of London two years earlier.

Bose conducted landmark research of the response of plant and animal life to stimuli including electricity, light, sound, and touch, and showed how water and sap in plants and trees is elevated from roots due to capillary action. He invented the crescograph, an early oscillating recorder using clockwork gears to measure the growth and movements of plants in increments as small as 1/100,000 of an inch.

His 1902 paper "Responses in the Living and Non-living" showed that plant and animal tissues share a similar electric-impulse response to all forms of stimulation, a finding which challenged conventional science of the time, and also showed that even inanimate objects — certain rocks and metals — have similar responses.

In a 1907 paper Bose established the electrotransmission of excitation in plant and animal tissues, and showed that plants respond to sound, by growing more quickly in an environment of gentle speech or soft music, and growing more poorly when subjected to harsh speech or loud music.

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Plant Response

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- $10.00 Download - 811 pages - Plant Response
- $25.00 mailed on CD - 811 pages - Plant Response

On opening this new work, the plant physiologist will be inclined to think it some volume on muscle-response in animals, the numerous graphs being quite like those made familiar by the usual records from muscle-nerve apparatus.

Closer inspection, however, shows that the author, trained in a laboratory for animal physiology and in the methods of research in vogue for pulse and muscle, has applied these methods to detecting before unsuspected (or at least unrecorded) responses in plants.

But he has done much more than merely apply the existing apparatus and methods. He has employed new methods and has devised new and ingenious apparatus for automatically recording responses.

For example, there are described many clever minor adaptations of the optic lever and various electric devices; and amonth the major ones may be enumerated the Kunchangraph for recording longitudinal contraction in radial organs on applying electric, thermic, or chemic stimuli; the Morograph, for recording the death spasm of the contractile protoplasm, and the Comparison Morograph for recording the response of two plants simulataneously while under different conditions; the Shoshungraph for recording the transpiratory suction and its variations; the Crescograph balanced so as to record the average rate of growth as a straight horizontal line, any fluctuation, even the slightest, showing as deviation from this horizontal line; and the Magnetically Controlled Heliotropic Recorder, utlizing the optic lever yet avoiding the use of light within the plant chamber, except that which is the stimulus.

One striking feature of all the apparatus, aside from its ingenuity, is the high magnification which it permits.

Vanguard Sciences Growth of Plants made Visible to the Eye - An audience seated in the council chamber of the India Office today watched the growth of a plant and the effects of various stimulants upon it as recorded on the screen by a crescograph, the latter being the invention of Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose, who gave the demonstration.

The crescograph is composed of a single magnetic lever which by its movements rotates a delicately poised astatic needle actuating a small mirror. This cause a spot of light to be reflected upon a screen giving a magnification of from one million to a hundred million times.

It is tantamount, said the lecturer, to magnifying the highest power of a microscope a hundred thousand times.

Upon the room being darkened a mysterious "hook" of light passed rapidly across the screen. It showed the actual growth of the plant as projected from the crescographic mirror.

Subsequently the hook appeared slowed down in its course across the screen and finally halted. This, the lecturer said, illustrated the effect of electricity upon the plant, too great power having the opposite effect to the stimulation afforded by a reasonable amount.

Particularly interesting was the record showing the curiously erratic effects in the growth of a plant caused by the use of alcohol. Sir Jagadis pointed out that the growth of a plant was thus made subservient to the will of the grower and by experimenting in this direction in regard to agriculture discoveries of vast importance might be made.

By use of the crescograph, he added, there was no need to wait a whole season as at present to witness the result of experiments.

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Researches on Irritability of Plants

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- $10.00 Download - 397 pages - Researches on Irritability of Plants

- $25.00 mailed on CD - 397 pages - Researches on Irritability of Plants

Using an apparatus of his own invention (the crescograph) Bose demonstrated that plant response to stimuli paralleled that of animals. This discovery led to later experimentation on "the nervous systems of plants". In one example, his laboratory research showed that "pleasant" music enhances plant growth while harsh sounds retard their growth. This has since been experimentally verified by other scientists. In other research, Bose tested plants for changes in electrical conduction in response to a variety of stimuli including: wounds, chemical agents, microwaves, temperature changes, and seasonal effects. Again, much of this work has been verified through third party research and peer reviewed journals.boseresearches.pdf

Based on his analysis of the nature of variation of the cell membrane potential of plants under different circumstances, Jagadis Chunder Bose believed that plants can "feel pain, understand affection etc" and suggested that a plant treated with care and affection sends a different signal than a plant subjected to torture.

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Life Movements in Plants

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- $10.00 Download - 255 pages - Life Movements in Plants

- $25.00 mailed on CD - 255 pages - Life Movements in Plants

This book is a rich legacy left by Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose, the world famous Indian scientist who was awarded Nobel Prize for his discoveries in the field of science relating to life movements in plants. The book is a product of his untiring efforts and investigations at the Bose Research Institute, Calcutta, founded by him.

The book presents the quest of truth based on experimental investigations. The scientists of the world take his discoveries as incredulous and full of mysticism at first but he illustrates the truth of his discoveries scientifically. One of his instruments, a crescograph, is so sensitive as to record or detecd a minute growth of a plant to a millionth part of a mm, for a period of shorter than a hundredth part of a second.

The present volume is the first series of a long series of investigations on the phenomenon of plant movements. The book is divided into two parts. Parts I deals with Response of Plant Organs and Part II deals with Growth and its Responsive Variations.

The readers have an opportunity of going through the original investigations and experiments conducted by Bose with the help of other scholars and research assistants. Certainly, the book is bound to have a salutory effect on the minds of the future scientists inas much as it will generate a spirit of inquiry and xperimentation, scarifice and devotion in them, the qualities inherent in their Master.

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Response in the Living and Non-Living

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- $10.00 Download - 216 pages - Response in the Living and Non-Living

- $25.00 mailed on CD - 216 pages - Response in the Living and Non-Living

At one stage of his long career, Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose undertook an examination of inorganic matter in the same way as a biologist examines a muscle or a nerve. He subjected metals to various kinds of stimulus-mechanical, thermal, chemical, and electrical. He found that all sorts of stimulus produce an excitatory change in them.

This excitation sometimes expresses itself in a visible change of form, and sometimes not; but the disturbance produced by the stimulus always exhibits itself as an electric response. His investigations showed that, in the entire range of response phenomena (regardless of whether the subject is metallic, plant or animal in origin) there is no breach of continuity; that "the living response in all its diverse modifications is only a repetition of responses seen in the inorganic" and that the phenomena of response "are determined, not by the play of an unknowable and arbitrary vital force, but by the working of laws that know no change, acting equally and uniformly throughout the organic and inorganic matter."

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The Bose Collection

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