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High Voltage & Free Energy Devices Handbook
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You may ask, "Why is this book so cheap?"

The choices were two;

...offer it for $30-$50, sent out in hardcopy through the mail which would reduce sales and limit the information to a very few


...lower the price by offering it as a download, thus providing for greater exposure in hopes some person or group will actually DO the experiments to possibly reproduce the EV Gray motor technology.

AS you can see on our Vanguard Sciences homepage, we also offer the eBook mailed to you on CD for a slightly higher price to cover shipping and handling costs, still, any way you go, its a tremendous value for such a low price!

It could literally change our methods of propulsion.

Please be very careful if you decide to build and experiment with any of the devices in this manual.

Recommendation: 'George, I must comment, this publication is excellent! I am ordering another [copy of your] book for my grandfather.' Clyde T. L. - Tulsa, OK

This book, written by experimenter George Moonhie, shows the absolute simplicity of free energy production. The book includes a complete explanation of some simple electrical principles.

VERY SIMPLE electrical circuits proving these principles are provided. The circuits are:

1. Easy to understand!
2. Easy to construct! (just a few common parts)
3. Easy to measure!

The first experiments are all LOW VOLTAGE so that even a child can perform them safely. (great science fair stuff!) These experiments will show how to take a fixed amount of charge from a battery or other power supply and use it to produce more work than what is conventionally believed possible.

Nothing in this book defies the laws of physics. The information presented simply combines a few bits of "conventional" theory together in a unique way.

This allows anyone to produce on demand what would normally be considered an anomalous excess of energy. This is not some sort of "cold fusion" process and requires no bizarre or expensive components.

These principles can be easily applied using high voltage methods to produce more powerful results. George has provided a simple design for a high voltage motor that anyone with a moderate amount of shop skill should be able to produce.

Once someone builds and understands the simple model it shouldn't be very difficult to scale it up to build more powerful machines. Component designs and suggestions are included in the book.

Nikola Tesla, the father of alternating current, used to work on high voltage devices using one hand. The other was kept in his pocket. This kept him pretty safe from any possible jolts to his "ticker".

You should always wear rubber gloves when handling your high voltage devices. This isn't absolute protection. But, it does reduce the risk of taking a lethal dose of current.

This book is written for the tinkerer. Although, an open-minded engineer might just get something out of it. Some of the theoretical points are fairly controversial. Many times, individuals can become too well founded in "accepted" electrical theory to even give an honest ear to new ideas. As for the devices in this book, build and test them. Then form your own conclusions.

Edwin Gray researched and developed a unique form of power based on 'splitting the positive' to create a 'cold current.' In the photos below, you can see the disc repulsor with the coil which was excited with a high voltage pulse to throw the disc with tremendous force, high into the air.

These high voltage discharges through special coils provided tremendous thrust with very little power and were used to build his EMA engine.

The following photos show the motor construction along with the high voltage coils. The eBook has these and many more full size photos of other parts of the motor.

The book consists of;

Section 1 - Basic Electrical Principles
Section 2 - Parallel Resonance
Section 3 - Principles for Free Energy
Section 4 - Tinkerer's Projects
Section 5 - Experiments
Section 6 - EV Gray Patent
Section 7 - EV Gray news articles
Section 8 - Equipment Photos
Section 9 - The Power Tube
Section 10 - Modern Duplication

Here is the 'power tube' used to collect the back emf to recharge the batteries and make the motor 'fuelless', meaning it was sufficient to recharge the batteries as the motor was in operation. We also include a larger size photo of the power tube as well as many circuits such as the ones below.

The information in this book, if duplicated, could lead to a revolution in electric propulsion systems, even to the point of a self-charging system by taking advantage of back emf. All of this is described in the book which has many hands-on experiments.

Imagine a high voltage motor, driven by powerful, short duration magnetic impulses causing the coils to repel with great force, arranged in a rotary chamber to provide thrust. And to be able to collect the expended energy and use it to recharge the battery as EV Gray claimed to have done!

Such an engine, coupled with modern discoveries of new battery and capacitor technologies could create entirely new industries for those with the foresight to get involved.

If you are an experimenter or know someone who investigates such matters, this would make an excellent addition to your library or an unforgettable gift.

Savvy Investors would do well to buy a copy for their tech people to study.

The downloadable HVFE eBook file is almost 11MB in size and contains many experiments, photos, diagrams and technical details.

Additional reader features of this ebook allow you to search or print from within the total series of pages.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your order!

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