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the Little Pyramid eBook to build, safely experiment with
and effectively use Pyramids...
based on the authors' original research

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A detailed, 8 Chapter eBook, privately published in 1974 with photos, diagrams and descriptions of the authors' many pyramid experiments including instructions showing the correct Cheops measurements (and how to scale them to any size) so that you can duplicate and use a pyramid to better your life.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan first published his book, 'Pyramid Power', in 1973, but as you can see, this author had been working on pyramids for many years prior to the pyramid fad. His findings were somewhat different from the mainstream as specified in this eBook and on his 2 hour DVD available at Vanguard Sciences.

Quotes from this eBook;

"Many people throughout the world were dabbling in experiments with pyramidal shapes. It has been shown, conclusively enough to satisfy me, that these shapes do have an effect upon plant growth. So why not combine my dream of monster greenhouses with the demonstrated ability of the pyramids to force plant growth?"

"One of my strongest wishes today is to encourage others to experiment with pyramids, for I am convinced that there are unbelievably wide horizons to be explored in this area, and only by countless people experimenting on their own will new uses of the pyramids come to light."

"In later pages this book will show you how to make your own pyramids for experimentation; they can be constructed entirely from inexpensive materials equally as well as from costly ones. Cardboard, wire, plywood or anything rigid enough to retain the pyramid shape will suffice. The pyramid does not necessarily have to be solid; in many experiments just the outline shape is sufficient, provided that it is jointed at all corners and at the apex."

"There has been talk of biocosmic rays, cosmic rays and other esoteric forces, but the plain truth is that nobody knows for sure just what happens inside the pyramid. Because of the experiments I have done and the results I have obtained, both successes and failures. I have abundant evidence to back up what I am about to say. I can prove conclusively that the pyramid receives and collects magnetic energy from the poles, cosmic rays, which is radiation coming in from all angles in equal strengths, and radio waves."

"My own experiments have convinced me that this energy creates a special reaction in living cells of plants, resulting in larger blooms, leaves and fruits on whatever plants are propagated within the pyramidal shape. The normal life cycle of lettuce, for instance, from seed to maturity, is six to eight weeks. Grown under a pyramid the life cycle is still the same, but the plant is considerably larger. If one allows the vine type of tomato to mature to six or seven trusses under a pyramid while simultaneously allowing an identical plant to do the same outside the pyramid, giving both plants precisely the same feeding and watering, a startling difference in yield occurs."

"An egg broken out of its shell and left within the confines of the pyramid will gradually congeal and become like plastic, as the interior energy works on its cells--harmlessly. The cells do not die nor induce putrefaction. After a period of even weeks or months these congealed eggs can be reconstituted in water to the point where they can be eaten with complete safety--and taste even more delicious than eggs produced in the usual ways."

"I do not know of any food that cannot be treated in such a manner. I have tried preserving every food I can think of, and it all keeps indefinitely, with no refrigeration necessary... Energy of the pyramid that grows plants so amazingly well can be used also for the purpose of mummification of food, which can be dehydrated and kept in storage for an indefinite period without losing any of its taste or nutritional properties. There are absolutely no ill effects on any food stored in a pyramid. In fact, in many instances it is far better when reconstituted than it was in the first place. It has the water taken out of it; but it also repels bacteria and as a result, nothing will rot in a pyramid. For instance, I cannot make a compost heap inside my pyramid; I have to do it outside; otherwise the ingredients in the compost all remain in good shape and will not break down."

"She (my wife) placed a pyramid on her head in the early hours of the night, and in about 20 minutes had been relieved of all pain. She said nothing of this to me, but two weeks later suffered another headache. Instead of suffering for a lengthy period, she used the pyramid again, and without the use of pills the headache vanished again in about the same length of time. She told me about this second episode. About a week later she suffered an ordinary headache and repeated the performance, with the same result. She now has gone three years with no headaches at all."

"A prominent acquaintance of mine who does not wish to be named always drives with a pyramid under his car seat. He claims he feels less "bushed" after a long drive than he did before he did so. Many investigators have found that by putting a pyramid or an energizer over or under their beds, they experience better and more refreshing sleep, some of them claiming they need far less sleep than they required before utilizing a pyramid for this purpose."

"Thus far I have described the pyramid from the growing aspect only to the point of showing you how and where to grow crops, but let's take a look at a few statistics on production. Your garden, for instance, will only give one crop a year, but the pyramid through the means I suggest will give you six crops per year. Now let's compare two pieces of ground, both the same size, one with a pyramid on it. Say the garden is 50 feet square and the pyramid is 50 feet square. The upper floors inside the pyramid give you approximately 2,500 square feet of growing area upstairs to go along with your ground floor area of 2,500 square feet, and you are getting six crops per floor as opposed to one, or twice times six, the equivalent of 12 times your garden yield."

Some of the things you can do with your own pyramids include;

  • exploring the source of pyramid energy;
  • learning how the energy affects living cells;
  • using the pyramid to increase food production;
  • using the pyramid for food preservation;
  • pain relief;
  • more restful sleep;
  • arthritis relief;
  • dissolving depression;
  • treating insect stings;
  • explaining the many different uses of pyramids.
  • Includes plans showing how to build and use an energizer to enliven any too-dormant part of your structure.

Here are some photos showing supersized veggies and a dehydrated, non putrified egg, extracted from this remarkable eBook;

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