The Physics of Crystals crystals work...

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The Physics of Crystals
includes insights into Pyramidal and Tetrahedral Geometry

How they work and how to use them for novel effects.

Incredible, information packed, 2 almost hour long DVDs describing many unusual and original experiments including transmutation of elements, energy extraction, increasing plant growth, healing the body and more!

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Physics of Crystals (2 DVDs) - $39.95
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Physics of Crystals (2 DVDs) - $49.95
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This two wonderful almost 1 hour long (each) DVDs present one man's lifelong study of pyramids, crystals and their effects. Several of his original and very creative experiments are explained and diagramed out for experimenters.

These experiments include;

1) transmutation of zinc to lower elements using a tetrahedron
2) energy extraction from a pyramid
3) determining mathematic ratios of nature in a simple experiment
4) accelerating the growth of food sources
5) increasing the abundance of food sources
6) how crystals amplify, focus and defocus energy
7) using crystals to assist natural healing
8) how the universe uses spirals and vortexes to produce free energy

Here are a few still photos extracted from the DVDs;

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We also have the Little Pyramid eBook on building
and using your own pyramids based on proven experiments by this author.

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