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Vanguard Sciences Lab Project

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About Vanguard Sciences
Updated 07/02/09

This site was created to offer unusual alternative science related information primarily as eBook downloads, yet offering the additional option of CD or DVD copies sent out via snailmail.

As you can see, our initial offerings relate to pyramids, free energy, electric motor technology, crystals and gas saving methods but we plan to extend it with a lot more offerings covering many areas, all ideally as eBooks because they are efficient to use, can be updated easily and downloaded at the buyers discretion.

Vanguard Sciences was long ago chosen as an optimal name since it means 'on the cutting edge', in some cases, our material is BEYOND the cutting edge and there is no investment fraud associated with any of our information. The original domain name was but was bought up by Dr. Hal Puthoff's son when I missed my email to repurchase the name, so I had to opt for the .biz extension. In a way, its working much better because the primary purpose is for sales.

The content management of this site is exclusively the work of Jerry Decker and to date, I've not indulged in any search engine marketing efforts, though this might change in future. Web hosting, website hosting for this site is through BraveNet.

There are many mailing lists on the net these days, so here is our Interact List if you might be interested.

One of my many interests is rejuvenation, which these days seems to focus on stem cells from cord blood, though of late, in the news, there are other sources for the stem cells. The idea of lengthening telomerase to extend life is also one of interest though I am attracted to the idea of modulating the bioplasma which I think actually controls the formation of body tissues.

A couple of friends at have recently started using a form of conference calling to host podcasts but I don't yet have the contact/connection information to provide so you can listen in, though will post when I receive it.

Additional information will be provided in future, so check in every now and then.

This site is also a KeelyNet news mirror with the links but not the images.

If you have questions or comments, the help desk for this website is through Contact.

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"Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it." - Mark Twain

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